Local restaurant treats first responders and veterans to lunch

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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Keeping our community safe can really work up an appetite, and on Tuesday, that appetite was taken care of on the house, of course.

Texas Roadhouse in Panama City Beach hosted a free lunch for first responders and veterans Tuesday afternoon.

They also give away two air conditioning units once every three months to current and past first responders and veterans.

The event organizer, Jimy Thorpe, was in the army and his father was in the marines.

He began this event in 2015 because he personally knows just how much these brave men and women do for us and hopes to encourage others to give back.

Jimy said, "They're the ones that take care of us. They're the ones that serve us in our community and we just need to go ahead and show them the respect, even though we only do this four times a year, we wish we could do it more."

Panama City Beach police first responder Derick Poppelreiter and U.S. army veteran Dan Gsell were each given an AC unit from "A Superior Air Conditioning Company" as a gift for their service.

Thorpe told us they have plans to have another first responders-veteran lunch in April.