Sherrie's Garden

Panama City Beach, Fl.(WJHG) - Sherrie Scott knows her way around a kitchen. And you can bet what she whips up will tickle your taste buds.

Faces and Places of The Panhandle: Sherrie's Garden & Catering

She's had a love for cooking since she was a teenager.

"When I was 16 I had to do some cooking 'cause my parents had to work so I took care of my brothers and cooked," said Scott.

Since she grew up on a farm in Oklahoma she was used to having fresh fruits and vegetables to add to meals.

"So going out and picking from the garden and cooking it or canning it," said Scott.

Scott spent 30 years in the food industry as a manager.

"Then a couple of years ago I decided it was time for a change," said Scott. So since I love cooking and everything I enrolled at Gulf Coast State College which in the state of Florida they're number 3 in the culinary."

Scott graduated from the culinary program in May and decided it was time to test her wings.

"So after Hurricane Michael when we went back to school first of November in class we were discussing opportunities that during a disaster what can we get from it and change it into a positive," said Scott. "So I kind of decided to open my own business."

She admits it was a little intimidating to start a new adventure so soon after a major disaster.

"But I feel that this is what God has prepared me for and given me the skills and the talents to do it," said Scott.

Scott named her business Sherrie's Garden and Catering.

"I have a garden at home," said Scott. "I like to use fresh herbs and things from the garden and making the food taste so much better than store-bought or out of a frozen box."

She loves catering for anything from small intimate gatherings to large parties.

"I've done as much as 6 people to 200 people," said Scott.

One of her favorite catering gigs, "I like cooking breakfast for people," said Scott. "Omelets, bacon, sausage and putting together a fruit tray."

And you definitely want to be in her circle of friends.

"Friends well they know I love to cook," said Scott. "So they like to call and say 'hey I'm going to stop by what's for dinner?'"

She has a message for others looking for direction in life. "I think if you have the passion for something that will drive you to get up in the morning and give you a reason to spend 8 hours of doing some kind of work that if you don't love it you don't need to be doing it.

You can get in touch with Sherrie Scott by going to her website or you can find her on Facebook at Sherrie's Garden and Catering.

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