Social media clown threat made against Vernon Middle School and High School being investigated

This is one threat posted to social media against students in Vernon. Washington County...
This is one threat posted to social media against students in Vernon. Washington County Sheriff's Office and Washington County school officials say they're aware of the threat and are investigating.(WJHG)
Published: Oct. 19, 2016 at 5:36 PM CDT
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School officials with Washington County Schools tell WJHG/WECP they are aware of a threat made against two schools on social media.

Someone on Instagram with the username Booboo_the_clown_ posted the threat Wednesday afternoon saying "Vernon here we come. Your all dead. Can't wait to here you all scream for your mothers as we rip you limb from limb." WJHG/WECP was able to screenshot that threat as the account was still active as of 5:15 pm Wednesday.

Another similar threat under the same name with different verbiage was also sent Wednesday. In this one, the threat said "All I gotta say is Vernon middle/High keep your eyes out and your ears open we're shooting it up tomorrow and setting you b**** on fire. And believe me everyone is dying."

Both threats were accompanied by the same picture of a creepy looking clown pointing towards his head mimicking a gun.

School leaders in Washington County say they're aware of the threats and are working with the Washington County Sheriff's Office to find the person or persons responsible.

This message was sent to all parents of students at the schools.

"Good evening parents and students- Vernon High School/ Vernon Middle School is aware of the post on social media that disrupted our campuses this afternoon. The school system is working closely with law enforcement to watch over the schools closely and also to determine the source of the messages. All planned events and school for tomorrow will go on including the early release. Should there be changes notifications will go out. Campus safety and security is a top priority and is carefully monitored and protected each day."

The threats against Vernon students come on the same day a student at Merritt Brown Middle School was arrested for posting similar messages Tuesday night, also using a clown pic and also on Instagram.

Adam Mosley, 15, of Panama City, was arrested by the Bay County Sheriff's Office and is facing a felony and misdemeanor for threatening to kill everyone at the school.