State EOC prepares for Hurricane Dorian

Published: Aug. 29, 2019 at 4:27 PM CDT
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The State Emergency Operations Center will soon begin working around the clock to prepare for Dorian's landfall.

Three days before the start of hurricane season, Governor Ron Desantis put a note in the Western Wall in Jerusalem, asking Florida to be spared this hurricane season. Unless Dorian makes a dramatic turn, the note will have worked for just under a hundred days.

“Obviously, the Governor and I both hoped this would not be the situation,” said State Emergency Director Jared Moskowitz. "The state has been hit by two major storms over the last two years.”

On Friday, the state EOC will shift into a 24/7 operation. Its mission is complicated by a somewhat erratic forecast track for Dorian.

“I am extremely sensitive of the forecast tracks that take this into the Gulf and potentially spin it into the Panhandle,” said Moskowitz. "Obviously that is the worst-case scenario.”

In the past, emergency managers have said you need three days worth of supplies. This is the first year they’ve said you need seven.

“We have to look at previous storms, right? They are getting stronger, the stronger they are, the greater the impact. I don’t want people to run out of supplies and then, because of power issues or road issues, they can’t go get supplies,” said Moskowitz.

As people seek supplies, Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody has activated her price gouging hotline. She is also asking airlines to facilitate tourists who want to leave the state early.

“I’ve already been on the phone this morning with airlines, making sure they are going to waive fees for those that are trying to change tickets to get out of Florida, who are trying to evacuate,” said Moody.

FSU has moved its football opener from Jacksonville back to Tallahassee. The decision made by FSU and Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry.

“This is about the safety of people above all,” said Curry.

The FSU game was set for 7:00 p.m. Saturday night in Jacksonville. It will now be played at noon in Tallahassee.

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