Staying calm ahead of major rain event

Published: Jul. 9, 2019 at 9:19 PM CDT
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With the first major rain event hitting our area since Hurricane Michael, mental health officials understand if locals are uneasy, regardless of the potential severity of the weather.

Mike Barbour, the Assistant Administrator for Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital said, "What most people need to know is just to remain calm, not to think so much about [Hurricane] Michael but realize this is normal Florida weather that we're going to experience once again. We want to try and regain that normalcy from before the storm."

But if you are feeling uneasy about the weather, officials say doing activities you enjoy, talking with others, and exercising and eating healthy can all reduce stress.

They also say staying prepared is one of the most important things you can do.

Tricia Pearce, the Community Relations Specialist for the Life Management Center of Northwest Florida said, "Being prepared makes people feel a little bit more calm and helps them to know that regardless of what happens they're prepared."

Even if you aren't feeling any extra anxiety or stress, those around you might be.

Pearce said, "We've all been through a traumatic experience with Hurricane Michael hitting last year and it's affected all of us. Keep an eye on each other and support each other through the times we might be more stressed."

Officials say to reach out and talk to someone if your stress becomes too much.

Barbour said, "Don't be afraid to open up because some people were really fragile when we talked to them and that's okay. Once you get that out you can move forward but over these next few days if you can't cope with it, because of the rain, you need to talk to somebody."

To contact the Life Management Center or Emerald Coast Behavioral Hospital click the links attached to this article.

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