Students from Puerto Rico attend Bay District Schools after families displaced

Published: Nov. 6, 2017 at 6:36 PM CST
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This year's hurricane season devastated parts of the Caribbean, including Puerto Rico.

The hurricanes may feel like distant memories for some, but for Puerto Rican families, the pain is still very real.

According to Governor Rick Scott's staff, since October 3, more than 90,000 people have arrived in Florida from Puerto Rico.

More than 4,900 displaced students from Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands have reportedly been enrolled in Florida school districts.

Some of those students are in Bay District Schools, including Jinks Middle School.

Brooklee Stamos, a sixth grader at Jinks, said four hours before Hurricane Maria impacted Puerto Rico, her family was boarded on a plane to leave.

Originally from Florida, Brooklee told us her family was living in Puerto Rico when the hurricanes came through.

Her mother, who she said serves in the Coast Guard, is still in Puerto Rico on duty. Brooklee said keeping in touch presents a challenge.

"After the hurricane, there was a certain hill if you go to the top and stand in an exact position, you would get service, but other than that, no, there was pretty much nothing," she said.

Brothers Kristopher and Amisael were also displaced with their family after the hurricanes.

Now, they are living in a new place and learning a new language.

They, along with their mother, said one of the most difficult parts about the transition has been leaving their loved ones back in Puerto Rico.

Although the transition has been tough for their family, they have also made friends in school from Puerto Rico too.