Supervisor of Elections recanvassing ballots

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Many people may not realize, that after election day, candidates aren't fully official yet.

Bay County Supervisor of Elections, Mark Andersen, told us Thursday they wrapped up counting 117 provisional ballots to see if they could count them toward this election.

Some of the reasons for those provisional ballots could be: someone wasn't fully registered or they didn't have an ID with them when they came to vote.

Elections officials go over the ballots to either accept or reject them.

"There's so many different things that are all still playing out, as you see on TV from time to time, well the election's been called. Well,they can say that but nothing's been audited, nothing's been verified, that's what we're doing and that's what we'll continue to do for this 11 day period for the general election."

The elections office rejected 44 ballots, letters will be sent to all voters with a rejected ballot.