Bay District Schools recognizes Teacher and Support Employee of the Year

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PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Those who make the gears grind in the school system were recognized for their hard work at A. Crawford Mosely High School Saturday.

The Teacher and Support Employee of the Year were named together for the first time ever due to Hurricane Michael.

Beth Lucas won Support Employee of the Year and Becky Peltonen won Teacher of the Year.

The Chapman family also recognized more than 80 employees for their annual achievements, because despite the storm damaging many school district employees' homes, they still put their best foot forward for the school year.

"This is definitely a ceremony we all needed. So many people have been through so much and just to see these teachers get recognized, support people get recognized, administrators get recognized, is well worth everything we put into it," said Superintendent of Bay District Schools Bill Husfelt.

The five finalists for Teacher of the Year were:
Ashley Champagne of West Bay Elementary School
Becky Peltonen of Deane Bozeman School
Erica Marino of Hutchison Beach Elementary School
Susan Brooks of Merriam Cherry Street Elementary School
Kelley Hodges of University Academy

The five finalists for Support Employee of the Year were:
Dale McGuire of Lucille Moore Elementary School
Drena Weaver of Surfside Middle School
Beth Lucas of Merritt Brown Middle School
Laura Collette Ward of Cedar Grove Elementary School
Jan Flint of Bay High School