The Fate of Tyndall's current construction projects

Published: Apr. 30, 2019 at 6:12 PM CDT
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On Wednesday, Tyndall Air Force Base will learn more about its fate.

Patrice Melanson, Executive Director of Tyndall Reconstruction Program Management Office, said, "Funding that we are hoping will come would be used for basically the new construction rebuild. Probably over half of the facilities here at Tyndall were damaged far beyond what is economically viable to do repairs on."

Thus far the base has spent about $300 million on repairs. May 1 is the deadline for the additional money requested to rebuild the base.

"If that is delayed that could potentially delay missions that are anticipated to come here like the F-35 and the MG-9," said Melanson.

When Hurricane Andrew hit Homestead Air Force Base in south Florida in 1992, it was forced to evacuate aircraft and personnel. After the storm, the base evaded closure eventually becoming a reserve base. So could Tyndall face the same fate?

Melanson said, "Certainly that is a potential. I don't believe that anyone is seriously looking at that as a viable option."

Regardless of Wednesday's outcome, Melanson said current construction and operations like the QF-16s and others are set to continue. "That Air Battle Manager Training facilities--we are the only base in the Air Force that trains that particular type of Air Force officer. So that is another critical mission that we do not do anywhere else," she said.

The funding for current repairs will continue through July.