The Golden Apple Goes to Amanda Mayes

Published: May. 25, 2017 at 8:06 AM CDT
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If you're lucky, you've had a teacher whose smile lit up a room. A teacher who encouraged you day by day to become the best student you could be. A teacher like Mrs. Amanda Mayes.

"She's really nice and she helps us learn like there's nothing really more than learning," Student Vicente Herrera said.

According to Mayes, the best part of her job is her students.

"They love to learn and I'm blessed they tell me that they love me everyday," Mayes said. "They're sweet and I think about them almost as much as I think about my children."

Mayes teaches Aspire reading and language arts. She said her role is to fill in the gaps.

"Because I've had level one readers come to me, leave me level three, and end up at the IB program at Rutherford."

As any good teacher knows, foundations are critical.

"So as they start here at their foundation and we catch those gaps, and I see them grow to succeed that's the purpose of my life."

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