The Golden Apple goes to Julie Palieps

Published: Apr. 6, 2017 at 7:25 AM CDT
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This week's Golden Apple winner has a smile that lights up the entire school gym. Congratulations to Julie Palieps from Mowat Middle School.

Because of all the rain this week, gym class at Mowat Middle School had to move indoors. But sunshine seems unnecessary here because Coach Palipe's smile lights up the entire room.

"She has a really funny sense of humor," said Jamie Griffin, one of Palieps 8th grade students."Her laugh, her smile, the way she talks to us, it's been really fun at Mowat with her here."

For the past 18 years, Coach Palipes has shared her passion for athletics and fitness with the next generation.

"Everyone has a mission in life," said Palieps. "And mine had always been to work with young girls."

"She's great. It's so much fun, she always puts a smile on our face." said student Emily Clark.

"She is wonderful, she loves everybody," said another student Alondra Vieyra.

"She's great.," explained student Leah Vu. "She helps us out all the time and she wants the best for us."

"Just seeing the kids laugh and smile and having a good time, that's the reward of it," said Palieps, smiling.

Hoops, four square and volleyball are fun, but Palipes hopes her influence reaches beyond the middle school gym court.

"I really want to teach the students a life long learning of health and fitness," said Palieps. "The many benefits that it brings, the fun and the way that you can de-stress in sports and just any kind of activity."

If you'd like to nominate a teacher for the Golden Apple award, click the "Golden Apple" tab on our website.