The Golden Apple award goes to Missie Hastings of Mosley

LYNN HAVEN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - To her, fostering relationships is key to helping her students succeed. Congratulations to Missie Hastings of Mosley High School.

Missie Hastings is a math teacher at Mosley with 27 years of experience. While it's not always the most popular of subjects among students, Hastings says she has her own method for keeping them engaged.

"I've worked really hard just to try to build relationships and I think once that relationship's built with them you can teach them anything," she said.

Since Hurricane Michael, relationships are especially important now. Many of her students are facing different kinds of problems outside the classroom like where they can call home.

"It's very hard because so many of them, they've been displaced from their homes, they're living with other families. Some of them... they're living conditions are in campers or just outside of their home in their normal routine," Hastings explained.

Hastings says the greatest lesson that she hopes to impart on her students has nothing to do with math.

"To understand that life's gonna throw you curveballs and it's how you handle those situations and what you do after those situations that they should be able to take with them and build character. Every experience we have is what changes us and leads us in the direction that we're going and I think that’s really important," she said.

And shea hopes to help her students address those situations one problem at a time.