The Golden Apple goes to Caroline Williams of Van Butler Elementary

Published: Apr. 25, 2019 at 4:53 AM CDT
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A first-year teacher is already making a huge impact on her students, and that's why Caroline Williams is this week's Golden Apple Winner.

Caroline Williams teaches kindergarten at Van Butler Elementary School and she's pretty new to teaching.

"It is my first year teaching and it has been a learning experience. I know teachers say every day you learn just as much from your students as your teaching them, which is so true. Each one of my students is so special to me, they each have their own personality," Williams said.

Williams didn't always know she wanted to be a teacher. She decided to pursue a degree in education because she didn't have the best experience in school growing up.

"I had a lot of learning disabilities and I had teachers who kind of gave up on me in the past or kind of pushed me to the next level when I wasn't ready. So, I thought to myself that I want to be that voice for other students who don't have it that easy. I want to change that for some other students," Williams said.

Every day she tries to make learning fun through songs, dancing and group work. She's already seen so much progress in her students.

"They came in not knowing how to read and each one of them I can say can successfully read and write and they are going to go a long way in life. Overall I am so blessed to be able to do this job especially with kindergarten," Williams said.

In just her first year, Williams has already left a positive mark on her students.

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