The Golden Apple goes to Charlene Beebe

JACKSON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Marianna Middle School never had an agriculture program before Charlene Beebe came to the school.

Charlene Beebe of Marianna Middle School wins the Golden Apple. (WJHG)

"This is a chance for me to totally impact kids and hopefully get them turned on to the agricultural industry and help them learn a little bit about leadership before they go out in the world," Beebe said.

The program focuses on the science of life from an agriculture perspective, teaching students everything from animals, leadership and public speaking to plants.

"We want to learn by doing, so as we grow older we actually can solve problems, we can be leaders and we an give back to our community," Beebe said.

Beebe puts so much time and effort into this program with outside class meetings.

"It's not just Monday through Friday, one class period a day. Our program incorporates being involved in FFA and being involved in activities and events outside of class time at home, we call them supervised agricultural experiences," Beebe said.

This Golden Apple winner hopes her students leave her classroom with a love for agriculture.

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