The Golden Apple goes to Donna Massey

Published: Jan. 31, 2018 at 10:53 AM CST
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Statistically speaking, there's a 100 percent chance this week's Golden Apple winner is an awesome math teacher. Congratulations to Mrs. Donna Massey at North Bay Haven Charter Academy.

One might not initially think there's a strong correlation between high level math and laughter, unless you're one of Donna Massey's students.

"She loves to laugh," said one of Massey's students Aimee Bullard. "I love her laugh. It's so funny."

"She's really funny," explained another student Saber Paustain. "Just like her whole being in the classroom, it's fun to be around."

Massey teaches college level math classes like statistics at North Bay Haven, and those classes can be tough.

"My goal is to make sure everyday they leave with the tools they need for the next day," said Massey.

"She goes through everything perfectly and makes sure we understand," said one of her students Andrew Nguyen.

"She cares a lot and everyone appreciates that," said Paustain.

The appreciation goes both ways. "I am just so blessed to have awesome, awesome students," said Massey. "People ask me all the time when are you going to retire? When are you going to retire? I say when I get a bad batch of kids. But so far I keep getting good ones. I'm just going to stay on if they keep giving me good kids."

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