The Golden Apple goes to Karen Beardsley

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - "The smiling faces everyday when you come in, the sweetness in first grade, they're just the best," First Grade Teacher Karen Beardsley said.

Karen Beardsley, a first grade teacher at Callaway Elementary School, wins the Golden Apple. (WJHG)

Beardsley loves her job and after trying to retire for one year, she couldn't quite stay away.

"I was bored and I missed the classroom and that's when I went into first grade and that's where I will stay until I retire, again," Beardsley said.

She says teaching first grade is so much fun and seeing the students grow throughout the year is her favorite part.

"I'm trying to let them take leadership and make decisions and be proactive, so that's my goal for these students that they can read much more than they could read in the beginning of the year, but that they are problem solvers," Beardsley said.

Beardsley keeps the students moving and learning everyday with group work and hands-on activities.

This Golden Apple winner says teaching at Callaway Elementary School was not her original plan but has quickly become her passion.

"It just kind of came together over the summer and I see why I'm here now because I needed the students and they needed me," Beardsley said.

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