The Golden Apple goes to Roxanne Register

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - For most students, the first day of school is a string of introductions, a new teacher and a bunch of new classmates. But for Ms. Register's second-grade class the first day of school was an anticipated reunion.

When Roxanne Register's students advanced from first to second grade, she decided to make the jump with them.

"When we came together at the beginning of the year it was a family," said Register. "They all know each other and it's just exciting because you can build on what they already did last year and the successes that they've had and you know that you can bring them even further."

Register's students were equally enthusiastic to keep their teacher.

"She's really nice and she helps us when we need help," Parker, one of her students, said.

"She's nice and she helps us learn," explained Victoria, another one of her students. "I like when she gives us hard tests because that's how our brain grows."

This special class will have to part at some point. When that day comes, Register hopes the time spent in her classroom will leave a lasting impact on her students.

"Learning is so much more than a test," said Register. "It's so much more than a worksheet. It's really more about who you are and what you can become and the difference that you can make, the leader you can make outside the classroom and who and what you can do for the community."

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