The Golden Apple goes to Sharon Gilson of Arnold High School

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - When this week's Golden Apple winner isn't in the classroom, you'll find her on the sidelines. Sharon Gilson coaches the cheerleading team and leads other extracurricular activities at Arnold High School.

"I want our kids to get involved in our community and be true leaders," Gilson said.

Sharon Gilson has been teaching for 28 years. She wears many hats, sponsoring several clubs and coaching the cheerleading team.

"There are so many different kids and they deserve to have an outlet and they deserve to have someone focus on them to touch their lives in a positive way to show them that the community loves them and wants them out there and wants to help them out too," Gilson said.

During her time in school, a coach helped her out and that's when she decided to become a teacher to give back, and her students think of her as a mom.

"I'm Momma G, is what they call me and I'm their mom away from home and if they need anything, if they need lunch, lunch money, or if they just need to come talk for a second, they know my door is always open for them," Gilson said.

Gilson goes above and beyond each day to inspire students in the hopes of having a lasting impact on their lives.

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