The Golden Apple goes to Wendy Christian

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - This week's Golden Apple winner makes sure fourth grade is a year her students will never forget. Congratulations to Wendy Christian of Patronis Elementary School.

Memories will likely fade over the years, but photos can last a lifetime. With each snap of her camera, Wendy Christian captures a moment of her student's fourth-grade experience. It's a moment that will last forever. At the end of each school year, Christian uses the photos to create special scrapbook "yearbooks" for each kid.

"We've been doing scrapbooks for years," said Christian. "A lot of my kids have come back from high school and told me that they still have their scrapbooks from way back."

Christian is a veteran when it comes to education. She's taught for 26 years in Bay County.

"Oh my gosh I have the best kids," said Christian with a huge smile. "That's part of the reason I love being here is every day I come to work and I have hugs and smiles every morning. I think that's the best work environment you could ask for."

Her fourth graders seem to agree.

"She's a very helpful person," said one of her students Allyson. "She's fun, she's funny and I love learning with her."

"I like it because we learn a lot more, it's fun, we get to do a lot more," said Theo.

"She is really nice," said Pearl. "It's really really fun to be with her because we always do a lot of fun activities and a lot of work but we still have a lot of fun."

This week Christian is using Oreo's to teach her student the different phases of the moon."What kind of job do you get to start your day with Oreo's?" said Christian.

Every day is a different adventure which is why Christian says she loves her job so much.

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