Third grade FSA Reading scores released

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Third graders all over Florida received their FSA reading scores Friday, and for Bay County, the results were great.

This image shows a picture of a testing sign. (WJHG/Station)

Many didn't know what to expect for testing scores after students missed a month of school following Hurricane Michael.

Testing scores improved by 4% from last year, a huge win for Bay District Schools. Students have to score a level two or higher to be promoted to fourth grade.

Camilla Hudson, the Coordinator of Assessment and Accountability for Bay District Schools, said, "We were very happy, you know, considering what our students have been through, and our teachers have been through, and our whole county has been through since Hurricane Michael on October 10th, our students did great. We improved four percentage points and we're above the state average in students scoring at level three or higher."

Testing scores for grades four through 12 and the other subjects for third graders will be released sometime in June.

Parents can check the scores on Parent Portal.

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