This week's Golden Apple goes to Coach Andrew Starr

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BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - With school back in session, it's time again to honor special teachers who have a positive impact on their students' lives.

The first Golden Apple of the school year goes to Coach Andrew Starr of Bay High School.

Every now and then, a person comes into our lives with the ability to make our days just a little bit brighter. For the students of Bay High School, that person is Coach Andrew Starr.

"He has a one of a kind personality," said one of his students, Caitlin Koller. "He can be sarcastic and he can be super funny. He just makes the day so much brighter and I love going into his classroom because it's my favorite class and it makes my day so much better."

This year Koller and fellow student Kamryn Wood decided to nominate Coach Starr for the Golden Apple.

"Every time I see him he has a smile on his face," said Wood. "And you can tell that he cares about his students. He has such a good personality, any time you're around him he makes jokes."

"Just being around the kids, waking up every day you have a chance to impact somebody's life and that's what it's about," said Coach Starr. "I want to be remembered as the guy who would, you know, do anything for the kids."

Starr actually graduated from Bay High School back in 2005. This student-turned-faculty member now teaches personal fitness at his alma matter and is the head coach for the team he once played for, varsity baseball. Starr says he uses his first-hand experience to connect with his students.

"We tell them every day, 'You want to be better than you were yesterday and be better tomorrow than you are today.' So if they could just take that aspect in their future in college and their employment then I think they'll be successful," he said.

If you'd like to nominate a teacher for the Golden Apple award, click the "Golden Apple" tab on our website.