This week's Golden Apple goes to Frank Luke

Published: Apr. 13, 2017 at 8:07 AM CDT
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All the way from India to Bay Haven Charter, this week's Golden Apple goes to middle school math teacher Frank Luke.

"Good, better, best, never let it rest. Until your good is better and your better, best." Wise words from Mr. Luke.

In a classroom at Bay Haven Charter, we find a math teacher with international charm.

"He's pretty awesome, he's pretty much everyone's favorite math teacher," said 8th grade student Keegan Shubert.

Frank Luke is an electrical engineer from India who has taught mathematics all over the world. Whether it's India, Dubai, or Bay County Florida the concepts of mean, median and mode remain the same.

"This is a top notch class," explained Mr. Luke. "They take responsibility for their learning. One of the things I tell them is, that it's your job to pay attention in class. I cannot pay attention on your behalf."

In between all the numbers and bar graphs, Luke finds time to put the rhythm in logarithm.

"I'm not a a dancer. I just have a few moves to make these people happy," said Mr. Luke laughing as his class egged him onto the dance floor.

Luke then showed off some dance skills he learned from his students.

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