This week's Golden Apple goes to Laura King of Northside Elementary

BAY COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG) - Teaching runs in the family for this week's Golden Apple winner; both of her daughters are also teachers. Congratulations to Mrs. Laura King, a fifth-grade teacher at Northside Elementary School.

King got a late start to her teaching career. She helped her daughters finish school before going back herself.

"I always wanted to be a teacher, so I went back to school, while they were in college so we all graduated, you know, 'boom, boom, boom," King said.

She's been in the classroom for 12 years, teaching students in Bay County.

"My favorite part is when you see their eyes light up when they've got the concept, when they understand it and that sigh sometimes of relief," King said.

Students like, Braxton Brannon, love coming to school to learn.

"Just being with Mrs. King and having her as a teacher, I'm just so happy. She knows the pace of every single student, so when they don't understand, she lets them finish the problem before we go on, " Brannon said.

King says she loves incorporating hands-on learning and classroom discussion because she wants her kids involved in their education.

"Their academics is important, but who they are is the most cherished and important," King said.

Even more so after the hurricane, King wants her students to feel loved.

"Coming back after the hurricane has been a real sweet time to share with our students, to pull them in and bond," King said.

It's an opportunity, King says, to lift their spirits and help them soar to success.