This week's Golden Apple winner: Teresa Tripp

Published: Apr. 19, 2018 at 10:32 AM CDT
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Teresa Tripp likes to start the day off on the right note.

"In the morning she plays her ukulele, which makes it have a good start of the day," student, Isaiah Garcia said.

Her students said its easy to get excited about school every day knowing she will be there.

"I try to make learning fun so they want to come and learn," Tripp said.

"Well, we listen to a lot of very funny songs that help us learn and have fun," student Dylan Louthain said.

Hard work plus a little fun and games equal a successful day in Ms. Tripp's third-grade class.

"She makes ways, easy for us to learn and so we can learn it forever," Garcia said.

"She puts on a lot of funny videos for us to learn and remember and takes us outside after we do a lot of hard work," Gracie Beach added.

"She's just a great teacher," Aubrey Stallings declared.

Tripp says she hopes these impressionable minds carry on her lessons for years to come.

"She teaches a lot of stuff we've never learned in our life," Louthain said about his teacher.

The lessons they learn in Ms. Tripp's third-grade class are more than just a letter grade.

She says the most important thing she wants her students to take away is to be good role models in society.

"That we're kind and caring to each other because I want them to grow up and be successful," Tripp said.

"She deserves winning the [Golden] Apple award because she is a very good and nice teacher," Louthain stated.

"I think her hard work really deserves it," Beach added.

Although these students may be lucky to call her their teacher, Ms. Tripp said she's the one who lucked out.

"I feel very privileged. This group of children are just adorable children. They make me very happy," Tripp said.

This is Ms. Tripp's second Golden Apple award in her teaching career.