Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on radar despite some upper level cloud cover cruising our skies. It'll filter out a bit of our sunrise this morning, but could lead toward some beautiful colors early on today. Thanks to the clouds and a little wind shift to the east this morning, it's not as cold of a start!

Temperatures are up roughly 5 degrees from where we were yesterday. While it's not as cold, 30s and 40s are still cold enough for an extra layer out the door this morning. The good news is the morning east wind shifts a bit more southerly this afternoon leading toward some warmer temperatures this afternoon than where we've been over the past couple days. Highs today reach the mid 60s, and while that's still seasonally cool, it's better than the chilly 50s we've had.

The warmer southerly winds, brought on by high pressure sliding to our east, are also a bit more humid and that leads toward a few more clouds in our skies today, especially by the afternoon. But we'll be rain free here in the Panhandle today, other than a few spotty showers west of Fort Walton Beach. That spotty activity may flare up here tomorrow as our ridge of high pressure continues to slide further east allowing for a more southerly warm and moist wind to move in for the weekend.

All of the warm moist air being ushered into the Northern Gulf Coast feeds our next developing frontal system that will slide in for the weekend bringing likely storms to Saturday and more hit or miss showers to Sunday and Monday. Some storms could be severe on Saturday with gusty winds and potential for a tornado or two. Rain totals are looking like 2-4" for most through Sunday.

Bottom Line...
For today, partly to mostly cloudy skies with highs in the mid 60s. Your 7 Day Forecast will start to ramp up temperatures and rain chances heading into the weekend with the more likely day to see rain on Saturday.