Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on radar with just a few more of the upper level clouds cruising by our skies this morning. That'll be about all we see cruise our skies today, and it won't be enough to block out our sunshine.

It's a downright cold start however with temperatures even colder than yesterday morning. Many inland are waking up to below freezing conditions, while the coast is just a few degrees away from freezing in many spots. This should lead toward a frosty start in some places early on this morning, especially inland. Under mainly sunny skies today, we'll once again struggle to reach temperatures out of the mid to upper 50s.

High pressure is building in from the west and that will continue to bring us a lot of sunshine today and dry weather through tomorrow. However, as we fall on the east side of the high, we're still experiencing the cool northerly flow. We'll see temperatures drop out of the mid 50s this afternoon down into the 30s once again tomorrow morning. But as this high slides further into the southeast, we'll cut off that northerly flow and start to see a weak rebound in our temperatures come Friday afternoon as we push into the 60s.

This brief, somewhat warm up, will not only be short-lived continuing into Saturday, but it will also come with another storm system moving in for the weekend. At this point the best chance for seeing rain over the weekend still appears to be after sunset on Saturday and through the overnight hours into early Sunday morning. It's possible for us to pick up another 2-3" by the end of the weekend.

Bottom Line...
For today, abundant sunshine with just a few more of the upper level clouds cruising our skies in the afternoon. Highs today will reach the mid to upper 50s. Your 7 Day Forecast will feature another dry and quiet day for Friday with temperatures showing a little sign of a warm up in the afternoon.