Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels says we'll still feel humid this afternoon, just not oppressive.

It's a quiet start on radar this morning with mostly clear skies. We'll once again need the shades for the morning hours, but the umbrellas for some in the afternoon.

Otherwise, it's fairly mild outside this morning as lower humidity has allowed us once again to reach the widespread 70s overnight. We'll enjoy another hot day ahead, however, one that is slightly not as humid as earlier this week. Dew points will remain in the low 70s once again today, and while that's still humid, it's not as oppressive as the sultry upper 70s we started the week with. Highs today still manage some toasty degrees, however, as we'll all return to the 90s once again this afternoon with feels like temperatures approaching the triple digits in the afternoon.

That'll be enough heat and humidity to set off a few pop up afternoon scattered storms once again today. However, there's a difference in where we'll see those storms flare up today as opposed to yesterday. Steering winds in the low to mid levels of the atmosphere are a bit more east to northeasterly today and that will help pin the sea breeze front onto the coast today. So I'll have slightly better chances for rain for those south of the Highway 20 corridor and down to the coast as opposed to day's prior.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly to partly sunny skies with a few afternoon showers or thunderstorms possible. Highs today reach the low 90s on the coast to mid 90s inland with a feels like temperature approaching the triple digits in the afternoon. Your 7 Day Forecast keeps us running toasty tomorrow with a summery afternoon storm chance in store for some and carrying over through the weekend.

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