Thursday Forecast

Good Thursday morning everyone!

Meteorologist Ryan Michaels describing the scattered, off and on again, showers we'll see today in NWFL.

It's a bit of an active morning on radar with several small scattered showers trying to move onto the coast early on. We'll need to rain gear up again for today as more scattered thunderstorms will be developing throughout the day, larger than what we have this morning.

Otherwise, it's a warm and humid start with temperatures in the mid 70s inland to near 80 on the coast. Just like yesterday, it'll still be a hot and humid day before some of the bigger storms get going. Highs today reach the upper 80s on the coast to low 90s inland as it'll take just a bit longer in the day for a storm or some clouds to cool off the Wiregrass.

The scattered storms are developing in the wake of our tropical disturbance still trekking away from us toward Louisiana in the Northern Gulf. We'll expect to see more scattered storms developing in the warm and moist flow on the back side of this system for Friday as well. Rain totals still looking to be on track for about a quarter to a half inch of rain likely per day with some stronger thunderstorms possibly dropping up to an inch of rain for a few isolated areas each day.

We'll have to monitor this storms track heading into the weekend as there is some small discrepancy in exactly where it will make landfall across Louisiana, and it could make all the difference between a washout forecast for the weekend, or a weekend where we can get outside and enjoy some sunshine! A track that makes landfall closer to the Houston border means less rain chances for us over the weekend. Where as, a track that heads more toward the Mississippi border with Louisiana may be able to bring some soaking bands of rain through during the weekend, especially for those who live further west in the Panhandle(west of Hwy231).

Bottom Line...
For today, partly sunny skies turn mostly cloudy with scattered showers and thunderstorms likely. Highs today reach the upper 80s for most and a few inland see low 90s. Your 7 Day Forecast has another day of scattered showers and thunderstorms tomorrow, there's a chance some soaking rains even stick around into the weekend if this tropical disturbance makes landfall in Eastern Louisiana on Saturday.

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