Tyndall AFB officials make plans to recover and build "base of the future"

Published: Feb. 27, 2019 at 10:42 PM CST
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Recovering after Hurricane Michael has been a slow process. One place hit hard was Tyndall Air Force Base. Air Force officials say they're rebuilding Tyndall and one day it'll be the base of the future.

The Tyndall Program Management Office Rebuild Senior Planner Amy Vandeveer said as of now they plan to replace 200 storm damaged buildings on the property. Vandeveer says they're going to rebuild Tyndall to last for multiple generations.

"There is a lot of opportunities to rebuild Tyndall. Not the base we had but the base we need that will be technologically innovative," said Director of the Tyndall PMO Rebuild Colonel Brent Hyden. "It'll be cost effective and be weather resistant."

Colonel Hyden said they will house squadrons of new planes like the F-35 and bring new equipment to the base.

"We're doing planning on the flight line side of the base and incorporate the requirements for the envisioned airframes that are gonna be coming in over the next five years," said Hyden.

He also said they're working to improve living conditions and make the base more compact.

"You can walk to work, walk to the dorms, walk to the gym. You can park your car and not need it all week," said Hyden.

Vandeveer said most of the buildings damaged were built around the 1950s, which is why they are implementing newer building codes and better technology.

"Throughout the installation, we're looking at how do we use the land that we have in order to have better use for the future so we can expand the base if we need to," said Vandeveer.

Hyden said they'll work on smaller repairs in the next six months but the work on the major $3 billion reconstruction program will happen over the next five years.

Tyndall PMO Rebuild officials say they're asking others in the construction industry for their ideas to help them design the base of the future. They'll host their industry day on May 2. For information click


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