Tyndall Air Force Base hosts Checkered Flag 20-1

More than 50 aircraft and 1,000 airmen and women are at Tyndall Air Force Base for the...
More than 50 aircraft and 1,000 airmen and women are at Tyndall Air Force Base for the Checkered Flag 20-1. (WJHG/WECP)(WJHG)
Published: Nov. 13, 2019 at 4:46 PM CST
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This week 1,000 airmen have descended upon Tyndall Air Force Base.

Lieutenant Colonel Jeffrey Satterfield, Air Combat Command Exercise Branch Chief, said, "it's an opportunity for them to get to practice their mission and it's unique that we are able to use the F-22's that we bring in here."

They are here for the Checkered Flag exercise, the largest fighter exercise on the globe.

Benjamin Orsua, Checkered Flag director, said, "as we make improvements with our lethality, improvements with missiles and tactics, this is a great opportunity for us to be able to practice those, set up realistic engagements, realistic scenarios to see if in fact that our tactics or weapons are really going to work as advertised."

While the Air Force tests weapons several times a year, the Checkered Flag exercise only happens twice.

"The training we're doing is air superiority training of the future with the fifth gen integrating with the fourth gen fighters. So we're looking to what the future threats are and how we're going to counter that," said Satterfield.

And airmen say Tyndall is the best location for the exercise that involves more than 50 air craft.

Orsua said, "based off the dual runways, based off the airspace, the unobstructed air ways- we don't have a lot of airline traffic- the airfield is military only and then also you don't have a lot of encroachment. You don't have neighborhood right outside the fence and the community that is close by is extremely supportive."

The exercise will continue through Friday.

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