Tyndall Federal Credit Union Awards $10,000 Grant

Tyndall awards $10,000 grant to the United Way of Northwest Florida. Pictured (L-R): Bryan Taylor, CEO, United Way of Northwest Florida; Jessica Crisp, Marketing Specialist, Tyndall Federal Credit Union and Anissa Ferrer, Creative Designer, Tyndall Federal Credit Union. (Tyndall Federal Credit Union)

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (PRESS RELEASE) - Tyndall Federal Credit Union presented the United Way of Northwest Florida a check for $10,000 [Wednesday], representing a grant to assist with 2-1-1 services in our six-county area.

The grant will help fund the 2-1-1 program in Northwest Florida in 2020. With the funding, the United Way and 2-1-1 will be able to help those who call the 24/7 hotline for assistance.

In 2018, nearly 150,000 residents were assisted by 2-1-1, families seeking assistance from Hurricane Michael. Along with another 50,000 unique web visitors, 2-1-1 became an easy-to-remember point of reference for assistance in Northwest Florida. Assistance included referrals for housing, disaster response, utility help, food, clothing and medical help.

The funds will be used for advertising and overhead expenses due to increased call volume throughout the year.