U.S. House to vote on laws to fight opioid crisis

Photo: FDA -- Photo: Pixabay

WASHINGTON D.C. - Re-enforcement for the country's war on addiction may be on the way.

In Washington D.C., the U.S. House votes on a package of more than two-dozen proposed laws aimed at saving Americans from the opiate epidemic.

Michigan Congressman, Tim Walberg, wrote two bills under consideration. The first would let in-home hospice workers get rid of patients' pills after they die, current law keeps them in the home.

"That we know can be taken by, maybe another family member, or friend that comes in, finds it in the medicine cabinet. We know all too many stories about how that starts an addiction," added Walberg.

Walberg's other bill is designed to ensure doctors know a patient's addiction history. He expects both measures to pass.