WJHG crew gets a tear-filled first look at damage in Panama City

PANAMA CITY, Fla. (WJHG) -- WJHG news crews got a first look at the damage Hurricane Michael left behind in Panama City; the city they love and call home. During the drive through the city, the crew shared their thoughts and emotions as they viewed the destruction.

"Here's the thing guys, we've been kind of quarantined from and really cut off from any information, so you're getting a raw look with us. If you're out of town, you've seen more images and video than we have," said Tyler Allender, a WECP meteorologist and reporter, in the video as the crew drove by a church with the roof damage.

Allender continued with a shaky voice as he continued to describe the current situation in Panama City, saying the damage would only get worse as drivers continued to east.

"This is our home. This is where we love. It's just hard. It's just hard," said Jessica Foster, a WJHG anchor.

Allender flipped the camera and showed his face, visibly upset as he said, "So we're real, two people. We're real. We're not robots. Just wearing our hearts on our sleeve. Sensory overload."

On commenter posted on the live video, "Y’all - thank you for the real perspective. We are all heartbroken seeing the place we live so devastated."

"We're trained to stay calm and to be strong and tell the stories. But in this moment, it's just too hard to do that," said Foster as she choked back tears.

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