Walton BCC agrees on 90-day moratorium for marijuana ordinance

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WALTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Medical marijuana is an issue many communities across the state are facing in the months following the passing of Amendment 2.

Tuesday night at the Walton County Commission meeting, members of the community were anxious to move forward.

Commissioners were originally looking at the possibility of a 240 day moratorium, prohibiting the the growth, cultivation, processing, manufacturing, dispensing and distributing of medical marijuana.

Commissioner Nipper headed a reduction, saying "240 days is too long."

"Let's do it right," says Commissioner Anderson, "let's get started on it."

The board was presented with many points on why the public believed no moratorium was in the best interest of those who need medical cannabis the most.

"I don't think there is anyone up here who wants to stop this," states Commissioner Commander. "We just want to put it in the right place."

"There could be people out there that say ok but I don't want it next to my residential area or my commercial place, and all that. And we're just asking to give a little time, to allow the opportunity for us to make sure that we vet it completely and we have the public's input on it," adds Commissioner Chapman.

At the end of the public hearing, the BCC agreed on a 90-day moratorium.

This was the commission's first reading of the ordinance.