Washington County residents looking to County Commissioners to help with flooded areas

Published: Jan. 24, 2019 at 7:20 PM CST
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At the Commission meeting Thursday morning, Washington County residents brought their concerns to the County Commissioners in hopes their prayers will be answered.

Residents living with flooding issues say this is something they could never have imagined.

“It’s a nightmare," said Washington County Resident Shirley Finley.

Finley now lives in a camper on her sister's property, just a boat ride away from her former home.

Washington County Administrator Jeff Massey says they’re doing all they can to help.

“We understand the severity of the nature to our citizens. We have been reaching out since the beginning of this trying to figure out what assistance we can get," said Massey.

But for some residents, the action plans discussed at the meeting aren’t enough.

“It’s all 'we’ll make a proposal, we’re trying, we’re gonna talk with the governor,' but unless they come down here they put some effort and they get the [Army] Corp of Engineers in, it’s not gonna be helped," said Washington County Resident Gail Karlo.

Health concerns among residents are only rising.

“The Health Department lady actually came out yesterday and [is] advising us we should boil our water," said Finley.

County officials realize the number of issues is growing.

“They have power transformers that are going underwater, they have septic tanks underwater, they have well issues, and now we’re having issues with emergency services," said Massey.

While county officials say they’re reaching out everyone they can and pushing for assistance, all residents can say is...

“Help,” pleaded Karlo.

Many residents don't even have access to their home to try and move out and mail has been stopped to the area.

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