Washington County residents preparing for more rain

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Washington County residents are still dealing with heavy flooding despite the recent drier weather.

Donald Fendley, a resident of Rolling Pines Road said, "The ground is so full of water, the water table is so up if you just got an inch it comes up more than that really. The water table is up everywhere around here."

The heavy rains over the past few weeks have left a mark on homes and roads in the area and with more rain on the way, it's expected to get worse.

Fendley added, "Water wasn't in our homes, but it is now, probably about a foot deep, Radcliff [Road] over here is completely flooded, you can't drive through there. So it's quickly becoming a safety issue."

For some like Terry Raffield, the only way to travel to their homes is by boat, saying, "In the last few weeks, one time we were able to drive back to the back of our house but now we can't do that anymore, we're having to use our neighbor's boat."

With the possibility of more rain this weekend, residents are doing what they can to prepare.

Fendley said, "Keeping with the updates and trying to stay on dry land here for one thing."

Despite the water rising, it isn't keeping spirits down.

"We're getting along good, we're living day to day like we've always done, we go to church on Sunday and give thanks to the good Lord that we're still alive," said Fendley.

Washington County Emergency Management released a statement Friday on the status of emergency services vehicles saying, "Those residents in the southeast portion of Washington County that may not be accessible by emergency vehicles because of high water are encouraged to consider evacuating to other locations until water levels recede."