Washington County residents still battling flooding

The flooding in Washington County is still ongoing and has taken over homes in the area. (WJHG)
The flooding in Washington County is still ongoing and has taken over homes in the area. (WJHG)(WJHG)
Published: Jun. 11, 2019 at 4:32 PM CDT
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It's been eight months of ongoing flooding for Washington County residents, which means eight months of worrying about their homes.

One local, Mike West, said, "It's up to the edge of the roads now, the county has done, it's about ready to go over the road, where the electric company has put a box around the transformer on the ground, we've got water about to go over that, we'll lose power all in our neighborhood if that happens."

While the dry month of May brought some hope for locals, the recent rain has proven the water isn't going anywhere.

"It's continued, it went down recently with the drought, we thought we were in the good times, but, you know, the water has gone back even higher than it was before," said West.

Some residents like Beverly Lewis are trying to focus on the positive, even through the rain.

"May was very, very dry and we were thankful cause the water did start to recede and that's what we've been waiting for since January and, of course, we've just had six or so inches of rainfall so it's come right up about that amount, but it's still down from where it was," Lewis said.

Some locals say they don't blame the county for the issue.

"I do feel, honestly, like our county, in my eyes, have done everything that they can, it's not their fault and it's not an easy fix, this is an act of nature," said Lewis.

But as for their expectations about the flooding, they aren't very hopeful.

"I don't see it going down anytime soon, I think it's going to be months, years, who knows," said West.

Barely keeping their heads, and homes, above water.

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