Washington County residents still keeping their heads above water as flooding continues

CHIPLEY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Some residents of Radcliff Circle and Rolling Pines Road didn’t own waterfront property before, but for months now many who live there have dealt with almost constant flooding.

Gail Karlo, a resident in the area said, “It’s been a struggle since this started and if you can’t get to your home without the beautiful help of neighbors then it’s a challenge.”

Residents like Karlo have been dealing with the flooding since early November and have relied on neighbors to make their life a little more normal.

“If it wasn’t for our neighbors we would not have had our car out at all, and I’ve had three surgeries since all this started. It’s been a godsend to have these wonderful neighbors,” said Karlo.

County officials say the water table is so high that the ground is no longer holding water so it’s spreading out instead of seeping in but they’ve provided assistance to those affected by the flooding.

Jeff Massey, the County Administrator for Washington County said, “In order to help the citizens, we’ve taken loads and loads and loads of mulled asphalt to the area to build up one side of the road where they can get in and out.”

They’ve also provided dumpsters and mail services are back running but in the meantime, they’re hoping for drier weather.

Karlo added, “It’s beautiful today if it would just stay warm and sunny and dry it up.”

Massey also said, “Those people have been great. You’re talking about some tough-minded and tenacious people to deal with what they’re dealing with, it’s pretty amazing.”