Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

It's a quiet start on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar despite the few upper level clouds cruising by.

Temperatures were on the chilly side of average with most waking up in the 30s, and some by the coast holding on to near 40 degrees.
Grab the jackets and keep them handy today.

The cooler air from the cold front that came through on Monday has sunk down into the Southeast now. Highs today will likely stay below average only reaching the upper 50s.

We'll also have a little cloud cover trying to increase and perhaps filter out the sunshine by the afternoon. There's a slight chance that by the late afternoon on into the evening we could see a light stray sprinkle under some of this cloud cover. However, dry air brought in by the early week cold front will help to evaporate any precip that does attempt to fall later this afternoon. So again it's a very small chance anything reaches the surface, you'd be the lucky weather lotto winner if you happen to see the few drops late today.

Otherwise, it's back to sunshine to finish off the work week with temperatures returning to the 60s in the afternoons.

Bottom Line...
For today, a mainly sunny start with clouds increasing. Highs today will be on the chilly side of average only reaching the upper 50s. Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will bring sunshine back to the Panhandle tomorrow and the seasonal 60s return after a few more chilly mornings.