Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

It's another active morning on radar with scattered showers around, mainly down on the coast but spreading inland. So be sure to grab some rain gear just in case you happen to be heading out while one is over your neighborhood. Temperatures are quite warm and muggy otherwise with most waking up in the 70s.

We'll see the rain chances continuing in the forecast for today. In fact, a little daytime warming could lead toward a few heavier showers and activity could become more widespread in the afternoon hours. But the nature of these showers and thunderstorms today will still be quite on and off, and it certainly will not rain non-stop in your neighborhood all day.

The low will be passing through to the north of us and weakening further today. But in its wake will be a whole lot of ample moisture and warmth. So we'll fall into a familiar summery pattern for the rest of the work week and weekend where daytime heating will lead toward afternoon scattered showers developing, most of which will be inland.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly cloudy skies with scattered showers or some thunderstorms. Highs today will reach up to near 80. Your 7 Day Forecast will keep us running with rain chances for the rest of the week and into the weekend with summery-type afternoon flare ups of scattered storms possible each day, most will be inland.