Wednesday Forecast

Good Wednesday morning everyone!

It's a much quieter start on radar this morning, and the good news is that much of the morning will remain fairly quiet on radar. I'm not expecting to see our daytime storms flare up until the late morning hours, around 9 or 10am. Otherwise, mostly sunny skies will start us off with warm and humid conditions as temps remain in the low 70s for the morning drive.

We'll see temperatures warm up quickly to near 80 degrees by 9 or 10am. That will be enough to trigger our clouds to start puffing up, especially down along the coast.

We'll see showers and thunderstorms developing after 10am and starting up along the coast like we saw yesterday. The only difference with today's storms is our steering winds aloft will help push them to the east and inland into the afternoon. And with a localized area of high pressure developing in the afternoon over the gulf in the mid levels of the atmosphere, I don't anticipate seeing the showers on the coast last much past 1 or 2pm. However, the scattered storms will continue to push further inland into the afternoon where daytime heating and humidity will provide enough lift to keep the storms going.

Bottom Line...
For today, mostly sunny skies with clouds increasing and showers and thunderstorms developing in the midday and afternoon. Highs today will reach the mid to upper 80s. Your 7 Day Forecast will bring us another similar day tomorrow but perhaps not as many showers or thunderstorms developing, and they'll be more for areas north of the bays.