West Florida Electric Cooperative restores power to residents, some still without

GRACEVILLE, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - More than four months after Hurricane Michael, some communities are almost back to full power.

Officials with West Florida Electric Cooperative say they have been working days, nights, and even weekends to restore power to Graceville and surrounding cities.

Officials say after the storm, of the more than 28,000 power meters in their area, only 174 were still working.

Now they have around 800 meters they're working on to get back online. They say they're also working on picking up any equipment left behind.

Terry Mullen the Manager of Marketing and Communications for West Florida Electric Co-op said, "We tried to get the power up as soon as we could. See, we left a lot of equipment laying on the ground. So we've got a contract crew going around picking that stuff up and we've got another contract crew going behind them, getting the cross arms, broken poles, wires, and things of that nature."

Officials say they're working to get the remaining meters back online but can't safely get power back because of the damage to some homes.