Widow, 82, devastated after husband’s ashes stolen in NY robbery

NORTH BELLMORE, N.Y. (WCBS/CNN) - An 82-year-old widow in New York is calling for the thief or thieves who took her husband’s ashes and other valuables to return the ashes, so the two can be buried together.

Bernice Immordino, 82, and her late husband James already purchased plots in a cemetery near their New York home, so they could be buried together. (Source: Family photos/WCBS/CNN)

Bernice Immordino, 82, and her late husband James already purchased plots in a cemetery near the couple’s North Bellmore, N.Y., home, so they could be buried together.

But someone broke in to Immordino’s house and stole the urn containing her husband’s ashes.

"My husband was a very special, kind, intelligent man. I thought we'd spend our lives together. Now, I don’t even have his remains during my last years, so that’s upsetting,” Immordino said.

This week would have marked the couple’s 64th wedding anniversary.

Immordino returned home from an Oct. 29 outing to find her home in disarray. A thief or thieves broke in through a rear window and quickly grabbed what they could, including rings and necklaces.

But what’s worse for Immordino is that the suspect(s) took the golden urn that contained her husband’s ashes. Police believe they thought it held jewelry.

"I feel violated. I feel like my personal life has been broken into,” Immordino said.

The 82-year-old’s home is now equipped with cameras and security alarms. She hopes the right people hear her story and can help return the ashes.

"All I can say is please return the urn. You don’t have to bring it to the house here. You can take and leave it at a church or someplace, where it would be returned to me,” she said.

Police hope areas residents may have observed the fleeing suspect(s) and suspicious vehicle. They are going through neighborhood security video and reaching out to pawn shops on Long Island.

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