Will reality show put PCB on the map?

Published: Nov. 21, 2017 at 5:37 PM CST
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Panama City Beach could soon become a household name with the premiere of a new MTV reality show.

In less than a week, the new reality show Floribama Shore will hit the airwaves.

NewsChannel 7 sat down with two of the local cast members to talk about the impact they believe the show will have in the area.

"This is going to be a landmark. Panama City Beach is back on the map and we're so glad that we got the opportunity to do that," Nilsa Prowant said.

Prowant and Kortni Gilson are two area locals cast in the gulf coast show.

"The only thing I think could be negative is people are prejudging the show before it even comes out. They're calling this the redneck Jersey Shore," Prowant said. "They haven't seen the show. They don't see that it's... yeah, it's eight young people here to party and have fun, but it's also like, for me, it was a break from reality. "

Representing their hometown, the girls believe the show will bring the life back to this beach community.

"I think it's definitely going to boost the economy, us both being in the service industry, yeah I mean it's... Panama City is trying to go more towards the family aspect but people still need to come here to vacation," Prowant said. "I think MTV did this town a favor because it shows the right people coming together, becoming a family. We made close friends with Newby's, we made close friends with La Vela. All these places that have thanked us for coming in there and bringing the TV to their location and l think that's going to help their business. It's going to help everyone else in the town that is in the service industry have businesses here. It's going to bring people back and want them to, you know, stay here."

"You can come here to party, you can come here for family, you can come here to have fun with your family, get drunk with your family. It's just Panama City, it's different than everywhere else I think," Gilson added.

For many, judgment on the show has already been cast, but these two natives say they hope to change any negative perception.

"I'm looking forward to business coming back to Panama City and people, you know, coming back to enjoy this town that we live in and we love so much," Prowant said.

"Gotta watch to support your city. Whether you like it or not, you'll watch it and you know what? Odds are, you're going to like it," said the pair.

"We're not just eight kids here to ruin Panama City Beach. Why would I want to ruin my hometown? Like, that's not what I'm here for. I'm here to bring business back to Panama City Beach and to really put Panama City Beach on the map," said Prowant.

"Negative publicity is still publicity so keep talking," Gilson added.

The show will premiere November 27th on MTV.