"Wintery" Friday Forecast

Good Friday morning everyone!

It's another cold, wet, and raw start with a few showers on VIPIR 7 Doppler Radar and a more to come today.

Temperatures are in the low 40s, and they're going to stay pretty cold throughout the day as well. Wind chills will likely start out for most in the 30s. And it may be a struggle to get those feels like temps out of the 30s today!

More rain will be passing through at times today, and right into this evening. Temperatures may be cold enough tonight to support a little sleet or ice pellets across the Wiregrass, but I wouldn't bet on it.

The good news is this will be the last of the nasty weather in the skies, the cold will stick around. Clouds will be gradually pulling away through our Saturday morning and sunshine will return, staying with us through Sunday as well. But temperatures will only reach the low to mid 50s in the afternoons over the weekend under the sun.

Morning lows both days will be quite cold, near freezing on Saturday with a wind chill below freezing around sunrise. Sunday morning lows will fall below freezing for most and in the 20s north of the bays!

Bottom Line...
For today, cold & rainy conditions continue. Highs will only reach the mid to upper 40s with feels like temps remaining in the 30s for most north of the bays. Your VIPIR 7 Day Forecast will show improvements in our skies, and temps pushing back up into the 50s in the afternoons.