Woman charged after reportedly failing to get child proper medical care

CALLAWAY, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - A Callaway woman is facing charges after investigators say a child could have permanent hearing damage after she neglected to take the child to a doctor.

Bay County Sheriff's Deputies arrested Tamma Greene Monday.

Deputies say the child went to the school nurse multiple times in January complaining about ear pains. According to arrest reports, the school called Greene and Greene told them she had given the child medicine. Deputies say the last time the child went to the nurse at school, a "waxy discharge" was coming from her ear.

The school notified the Department of Children and Families about the situation. According to the arrest report, DCF investigators found out the child had been complaining about an earache for a month to Greene. Greene reportedly told investigators she would take the child to the doctor, but didn't.

According to the arrest report, when the child finally saw a doctor, the doctor said the child would need tubes in one ear to clear the fluid and her other ear would need surgery to remove polyps. The doctor was reportedly concerned about permanent hearing damage.

Greene was arrested Monday on a child neglect charge.