Youngstown opens new health clinic

YOUNGSTOWN, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - Youngstown residents are getting a more convenient way of getting medical help.

PanCare of Florida held an open house for its newest clinic in Youngstown Saturday afternoon.

The open house featured a live band, free food, and even a bounce house for the kids.

Officials with PanCare said the clinic is a much needed addition to the Youngstown area.

Mike Hill, the President and CEO of PanCare said, "We had projected putting a facility up here about six years ago as a potential growth area. About 20 percent of our patients were coming from the zip code areas in Fountain and Youngstown."

Sandra Ford, the Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner added, "They don't have to go too far and we know our patients, we know them very well so they don't have to re-explain themselves to a different kind of provider."

The clinic will employ nine people including an advanced registered nure practitioner, a dentist, and licensed social worker.