iPhone SOS feature

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When it comes to crime, help may be in the palm of your hand.

But in a dangerous situation, making a phone call may not be possible.

You can now reach a dispatcher without dialing a number, using a little-known feature you can find on your iPhone.

"It allows the user to press the side button five times which activates a screen which you could slide that has an SOS signal," said Panama City Beach Police Department's Lieutenant J.R. Talamantez.

Newer models are even easier, just hold the side and volume button to make the emergency screen appear.

"If they're not able to speak or whatever the case may be, at least we'll know where they are. The biggest thing we need to know is location," said Panama City Beach Police Department's Communications Supervisor, Cliff Oliver.

If your location services are off on your device, they will temporarily turn on to send the signal.

"Anytime you dial 9-1-1 it maps your location, especially if you have a GPS enabled phone, it'll tell us pretty much exactly where you are," said Oliver.

We talked with people around town and almost all of them said this is a feature they would use if they were in a situation that called for it.

Some even mentioned this could be good for older people because if they have an iPhone 7 model or older, it's easy to remember to press the side button five times.