Cooper and Steve Moss check in from MLB All-Star FanFest

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SAN DIEGO, California (WJHG/WECP)- San Diego, California and the MLB All Star game certainly has a local connection this year.

The Moss boys, father Steve, and 9 year old son Cooper, have been in San Diego a couple of days now.

NewsChannel 7 had the chance to catch up with them online Monday afternoon, as they took part in FanFest to talk about their experiences so far!

"Well so far we've met a lot of celebrities," Steve Moss said. "We actually met Gary Sheffield at the airport, ironically. A New York Yankee, and won a world championship with the Marlins. He was our first one. We met Will Myers, the All-Star outfielder here for the Padres. Dave Winfield is here, Ricky Henderson. We saw the Hawk, you know who the Hawk was? Yup! Andre Dawson. Saw a lot of Major League Baseball folks. Last night we went to the celebrity softball game. Saw a lot of celebrities there. That was a lot of fun too, and a big fireworks show afterwards."

Cooper and Steve are going to the Home Run Derby, which will be televised nationally Monday night, so keep your eyes peeled.

On Tuesday night, this fortunate local duo gets to take in the All-Star game, and if they are lucky, will catch a home run ball from Big Papi.