Vernon hosts Cross Training football camp for area teams

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VERNON, Fla (WJHG/WECP)- Coach Willie Spears and his Vernon football program is hosting a Cross Training football camp. It's a camp that lets football teams gather for some head to head workouts, with some life messages thrown into the mix.

"Cross training camp is about working young men," Spears said. "Their mind, body and soul. Three parts. We do so much for their body, and we do a lot for their mind, but we don't do a lot for their soul, so this camp does all three."

"Oh man, it's just going to be a great couple of days for all of the kids from Mosley, East Gadsden, Baker and Vernon," Mosley Football Coach Jeremy Brown said. "All our coaching staff knows each other, and just excited about spending some time together, and getting the kids out, and getting a little jump start on thudding up a little bit. Maybe trying to put together some stuff we've been working on since the spring."

"It's almost like having a spring, but a fall pre-jamboree that's pretty good for the kids just to get back into contact, right before you start camp," East Gadsden Football Coach Corey Fuller said. "You've been waiting the whole summer, and then working out, and hopefully, this is what you want to do."

"We get to thud up, hit- not take to the ground, but hit a little bit before the actual season starts," Spears said. "We're actually going to compete like a real game. I mean, it's 11 on 11, full contact."

"We do everything except take each other to the ground," Fuller said. "I just look at it to see where my team is at, and see who's going hard against them, you know the other competition. You get tired of going against each other in practice. So you actually get a chance to see where your kids are at against other talent."

"We're transitioning into the end season phase of our program," Brown said. "Having a chance to put the pads on and line up against some other teams, and kind of see how you measure up, and maybe go ahead and start fixing some things before August 1, so it's a great opportunity."

"When they leave the camp, I want them to have respect for their teammates, and for other schools," Spears said. "I want them to be better mentally, spiritually and physically."

"Through cross training, we've got a chance to talk about some character building, and some leadership, and some things that in life are bigger than football," Brown said. "No better way to do that than a camp like cross training."

"Get a little chapel at night, get a little snack, team building, talk about leadership, what it takes to be a good teammate, and then at night, hopefully they'll be so tired they'll pass right out," Spears said. "Then we'll do it again tomorrow."

Pensacola and Washington will take part in the cross training camp Tuesday, Arnold joins the festivities Wednesday.